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Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~William James. Anubhuti was conceived keeping in mind the people who cannot access and avail of what is due to them. It’s a non profit, non governmental organization that works in pursuits of the deprived in rural areas with lack of health care, education and lively hood. Barricading the social, political, and economical unjust to the people who seek the basic amenities as if they are destitute of lavish luxuries. Believes in intervening through vigorous and sustainable efforts with all available means, to set in motion processes that enable people to emerge as independent actors who make their own decisions. Dares to reach the hand in dark and pull it in light through sincerity and utmost altruism.

Issues & Challenges in Rural Healthcare & Education

Despite the huge differences between developing and developed countries, access is the major issue in rural health around the world.

Active Participation

Anubhuti has tied up with Rajeev Gandhi Cancer Research Institute Delhi for a Cancer Screening Programme in Patiyali area .



Events / Activities

Anubhuti Sewa Samiti is organisinig events and activities in health and education.


Health camps, Disaster Relief, Student Interventions.

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Our Mission
We seek to see the society pure from the ugly and most unacceptable menaces which induces differences in our dwellings and our living whether its economic well being, healthcare or sustained living.

Our Vision

We motivate and catalyze the capacity for self-help , Provisions for economic opportunity to all the sections of the society , Delivering relief in emergencies and adversities of life , Optimizing Influences at policy decisions at political social and economical arenas , Addressing discrimination in all its forms and curbing it to negligibility.