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Some fifteen years ago most of us who presently constitute TEAM ANUBHUTI were struggling with their own career and academic pursuits. Those were difficult times indeed; full of uncertainties, apprehensions and anxieties. It was on one of those uncertain days, that we had occasion to sit down and think beyond our individual goals and personal aspirations.

We spent hours trying to figure out what we meant by thinking beyond our personal selves. Of all that we thought, shared, discussed and debated that day, what has remained with us is the collective realization that our lives meant much more than the material possessions that we might acquire through our careers. We also realized that if we remained obsessed with the pursuit of power for ourselves, we could never acquire the strength of moral character that comes to one who stands on the side of those who have been pushed into the peripheries and margins of society.

People behind Anubhuti

PRESIDENT:- Kiran Yadav


TREASURER:- Sarika Sachan


Aditi College For Women (Delhi University)

Delhi School of Social Work

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre


IItians Pace


Ankur Society for alternatives in education

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Who we are ?

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