Disaster Relief

Patiyali tehsil has traditionally been prone to floods and fires. While during the rainy season the floods are a regular feature, affecting the villages along the banks of river Ganga in what is known as the Katari area, summers are witness to large number of fire outbreaks in various villages particularly Naithra, Nardauli, Nagla Khana etc. Nardauli according to rural folklore has a fire every year.

While the floods in the area are caused by the release of excess water into the Ganges from the Narora Atomic Power Plant and due to non-existence of adequate water nallas, the fires are caused because of wood thatched houses and the indiscriminate use of open fire for cooking etc.

On the part of the Government, there is no strategy to address these problems. As and when the problems surface, the government doles out relief in form of some petty financial assistance. The Tehsil still does not have a fire station as a result of which the relief from the District Headquarters reaches very late and by the time damage has already been done. Similarly, during the floods, only when the floods have struck and people have to be evacuated, does the administration provide basic assistance.

Fire Fighting
Anubhuti has tried to reach the affected people and provide them assistance when they need it most. During fires, Anubhuti volunteers visit the affected villages, get in touch with local people and provide the affected families food and other necessary items that are good enough to sustain the family at least for a week.

This year however we decided to go beyond reactive interventions. We roped in experts from the National Institute of Disaster Management and organised training camps in villages like Nardauli During the floods, mobile medical teams were sent to the affected villages and necessary medicines were distributed free of cost. This year Mobile medical teams reached Shahbazpur, Ulaikheda, Ganeshpur Bhatan, Nagar Kanchanpur and Sunngarhi.

Boat made the difference
The villages which were totally cut-off were reached through the boats and fresh cooked food was provided to the stranded people free of cost even for a period of seven to ten days. Anubhuti has through its donors managed a boat and placed it at the disposal of the local police to reach the needy when and wherever required. The coming of boat has made a difference in reaching the flood affected population and contributing to their lives.