Patiyali Lab

Anubhuti has experimented in the pedagogy domain providing shared space to children and their creativity. Young children are facilitated to share and write texts on a given theme/dream or topic of their interest. They come, imagine, write and share in self induced environment. In process of sharing their write-ups, they are developing the skills of narration, imagination and constructive criticism. The Anubhuti Patiyali lab is soon coming up with Narratives on People of Patiyali.

An introduction to blogging
The young boys and girls have started a blog, ( where they learn to type out their texts on the computer and to upload their texts on to the blog. An introductory workshop was held by Saifuddin from his experience at Ankur Society for Alternatives in Education New Delhi and some of their texts were uploaded to give concrete basis to carry on. Nida, Charan Singh, Zameer, Kirti, Pranav, Lubna, Rajneet, Sonu, Reeta and Chhaya are regularly attending, experimenting and sharing the innovating teaching and learning at Anubhuti Lab. This shared space has come up to provide space to these young writers to peep into their own personal and societal life trajectories and put these to writing. The young writers are brilliantly taking to the nuances of reading and writing.

Setting their own agenda
Initially children came to the lab with the idea that they have to be told what they have to do. Overtime they have started coming with their own agenda and expressing whatever they want to do - writing, reading, drawing or sharing something.

The desire to share
In their early days the children would give their work to the facilitator so that the facilitator could “check” their work. The first person who would see their work would be the facilitator. Later, they were eager to share their creative expression and often the first persons who saw their work are their friends. They would show keenness in taking their creative expressions to school to sharing it with their teachers there.

Confidence to write
The writing practice of children before coming to the lab was more in the form of copying texts. Even questions were dealt with by copying relevant portions from textbooks or guide books. In the lab they acquired the confidence to write down their thoughts – thus each piece of writing was original and different from others.

Desire to read and face the world
The shy and coy participants of the lab have transformed now into vocal thinkers who want to share their ideas not only with their contemporaries but also the people much beyond their age. They read their write-ups to the students of Aditi Mahvidhyalaya, University of Delhi when they visited the lab during their rural visit. They also read out their creations in the Workshop organised for the Anubhuti Volunteers. The contents of the texts and confidence of these young writers in narrating their write ups are highly encouraging.